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Fresh style handmade beaded bracelet

Posted on September 29 2012 by handmade bracelet in handmade beaded bracelet

Is this simple fresh style handmade pearl beaded bracelet let you eyebrows?It not only stylish but quite easy making.

Material: 3mm fruit green ribbon, 7mm pearl, Zhongshan folder (minimum), two pairs of circle (minimum), lobster / question mark Buckles

  • Shear a satin ribbon, required about twice as long to complete the bracelet length.

  • End of the oblique cut, burned with a lighter, making it easy to pass through the pearl

  • Beginning to make a single-junction

  • The most simple style, do not have too many creases

  • End of the penetration of Pearl

  • The trick is: left hand on the front of the ribbon fold, right hand penetration pearl, the pearl Rotate Left

  • repeat make a single-junction

  • Keep on going

  • Single-junction → Pearl → unijunction ...

  • Do required length

  • Level after the end of the stay of small cross-sectional distance cut, burned with a lighter

  • The small cut ribbons folding clip around fixed Zhongshan

  • Placed in a double circle and Buckles

  • finished!

Fresh style handmade beaded bracelet
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