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7 steps to DIY a Wish Bracelet

Posted on September 5 2012 by handmade bracelet in wish bracelet, handmade bracelet

Create a wish hemp bead bracelets, it's really a simple project, even kids can do one with some guidance. Remember, make a wish before you wearing your bracelet. When you come off the bracelet, your wish may come true.

  1. Cut 3 lengths of hemp, each 24-inches long. Line up the 3 pieces, and tie a knot in one end. Leave enough loose string so you can tie the bracelet when it is complete.

  2. Start with the string on the left side. Tie a knot around the second piece of string, and pull it up until it is snug against the top knot. Do the same with the outer string.

  3. Take the new string on the left side and repeat this process. Continue to make knots until the bracelet is one-third of the desired length.

  4. Slide a bead on the second string. Make a knot with the outer string on the second string. Slide the knot up to the bead. Make a knot on the outer string and pull it tight.

  5. Continue adding beads and repeat this process until you have added all the beads.

  6. Return to knotting the bracelet like you did in the beginning. Make knots until the bracelet is long enough.

  7. Tie a knot in all 3 strings at the end of the knots. Cut off the excess hemp, leaving enough length to tie on the bracelet.

7 steps to DIY a Wish Bracelet
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